Google’s Street View update can scroll through time

April 23, 2014 in RSS

A new feature launched today allows users to scroll back through historic images and see how familiar views changed through time

Google Glass wearers stir up trouble at the bar

April 22, 2014 in RSS

Bars in San Francisco have started banning people from wearing the devices, after a series of attacks on users.

What will Oakley’s Google Glass designs look like?

April 22, 2014 in RSS

T3 provides unofficial renders of Oakley’s Google Glass designs

Tech staff take Silicon Valley giants to court over alleged pacts to limit pay

April 21, 2014 in RSS

Lawsuit claims companies colluded in ‘no poach’ deals to suppress salaries

Who is the typical UK YouTube user?

April 18, 2014 in RSS

New research has revealed that keen UK YouTube users are much older, more sociable and up to date on current events than you might expect

Google: the unelected superpower

April 17, 2014 in RSS

Google has cosied up to governments around the world so effectively that its chairman is a White House advisor

Google Street View algorithm can beat CAPTCHAs

April 17, 2014 in RSS

Google’s new algorithm for deciphering house numbers on Street View can also read CAPTCHA puzzles

British Pathé uploads 85,000 historic films to YouTube

April 17, 2014 in RSS

Thousands of hours of historical footage showing major events, celebrities and simple day-to-day life from 1896 until 1976 has been uploaded to YouTube

Google feels weight of mobile as sales fall short

April 17, 2014 in RSS

An examination into Google’s first-quarter results, where sales fell short of estimates and $22bn was wiped off the web company’s value

Google shares drop 6pc after disappointing results

April 16, 2014 in RSS

Google’s first-quarter results miss analyst expectations despite profits rising 3pc to $3.45bn